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Review: MR.8's 1st Mini-Album '8'
MR.8's 1st Mini-Album '8', review
Launce / Photo: Official


Top Page > articles > MR.8's 1st Mini-Album '8', review > Review: MR.8's 1st Mini-Album '8'
"VIOLET FRUITS" is the kind of electronic music that reminds me a lot of Die Antwoord, in particular of the ending song "Never Le Nkemise 2" from the 2012 album 'Ten$ion'.

Since it was composed by the same person "good for nothing" is similar to "TABOO", being the third song of the album with lyrics (the rest of them are all at some kind instrumental.)

The last two songs "hard drug bazaar" and "888" have a retro style that is becoming famous thanks to videogames' soundtracks like that of "Rainbow Six: Siege." "888" is also a pun in the informal texting in Japanese (let's call it this way) since the eights of the title symbolizes the onomatopoeia of applause.

In general terms, '8' is a very complete album with a perfect mixing and production that works very well for all kind of listeners. You can truly enjoy the personalities that represents a work made with a lot of collaborations of different musicians. And what MR.8 represents is a new and very exciting path in ShuU's exceptional musical career.

"8" is already available in several platforms for digital distribution worldwide.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to listen to it!!
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