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Review of DALLE's 'ICU'
Review of DALLE's 'ICU'
Text by Launce


Top Page > articles > Review of DALLE's 'ICU' > Review of DALLE's 'ICU'
The single continues and concludes with 'casualty for requiem "sarabande"'; a well known song worldwide since it is part of Mozart's 'Requiem.' I liked the fact that the band respected the original sound and did not. The music credits of this one go to atsushi hatta and handel. Such a sad and yet beautiful song will definitely send shivers down your spine!

It frights us thinking that this problem is not exclusive of Japan. This can happen to any os us, right? To our friends, our family... After listening the single you will be full of emotions and questions such us: Will she die? Or will she survive and make a new beginning? Well, I think it is up to you to decide her fate.

Title: "ICU. EP"
Type A: Limited edition
Price: 1600 yen
1. ICU
2. casualty for requiem "sarabande"


Title: "ICU. EP"
Type B: General edition
Price: 1000 yen
1. ICU
2. casualty for requiem "sarabande"

You can already purchase the single on dorothy & co. official website.

- Links:
DALLE Official Website
DALLE Official Twitter

UPDATE!: Right now DALLE is preparing what is gonna be their 1st Full Album! Please look forward to it!
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