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DALLE "ICU" Review
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DALLE is a gothic electronic rock band set in Tokyo. The project, started by atsushi hatta (ex.HATE HONEY, DEADLIES, DEEP), gained more attention last year after ryo (ex.9GOATS BLACK OUT, HOLLOWGRAM, TAG & KEEL) joined the band as their new vocalist. Due to this the band changed considerably, becoming more ambitious and starting to want to reach to the the overseas market with catchy melodies and lyrics in English.

Their latest 5th single "ICU", as its name states, is not a release about happiness. It is about hopelessness, depression and fear. It starts with the title track of the single, "ICU", which's story is as real as you and me. Worried about the large amount of suicides in Japan, the band decided to write this song to give hope to anyone who has ever thought of killing themselves. The song tells the story of a girl who tries to commit a suicide but fails. She is sent to the ICU of a hospital. The lyrics of the song represent the grief of a mother completely destroyed and afraid of losing her beloved daughter forever. You can feel those emotions as to ryo's soft voice perfectly entwines with growls.
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