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KEEL review
KEEL review


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'KEEL' was a great surprised when the band was formed in 2013 by four well-known musicians in the J-rock scene. You will surely be familiar with names such as: 'girugamesh'; 'HOLLOWGRAM'; '9GOATS BLACK OUT'; 'Laputa' or 'the god and death stars.'

Their 3rd album release has a French title 'Raison d'être et de sang' ("The reason of existence and blood".) Although it has a very poetic title, you won't find any ballad in there. Each of the songs draws your attention since the very first second, yet none of them has the same atmosphere.

'SWANS' was taken from their previous release, 'Ugly duckling'. The song starts and ends with ShuU's bass. This tune is probably one of their most appealing for listeners.

Starting with a fast speed, '午後の射殺 (gogo no shasatsu)' explodes in your head like a shooting. Very misterious lyrics such as 'sometimes my cheers disappear'. This one and 'SWANS' would probably be the songs that you will listen the most onstage.

'rain song' has a medium tempo but is not the typical sad ballad about love you might think of. Tomoi's drums and rhythm is very constant and echo in your head. It can also remind you to old visual kei songs from the '80s or '90s since this type of composition is not usual in our days anymore.
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