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MR.8's 1st Mini-Album '8', review


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MR.8's 1st Mini-Album '8', review
Review: MR.8's 1st Mini-Album '8'
title: MR.8's 1st Mini-Album '8', review
The opening theme of the mini-album is "HELLO". It starts with of what could be a mantra or a ritual refrain with oriental sounds followed closely by electronic music, that will lead the songs throughout the album. It is the kind of futuristic music that you would expect in a cyber-punk universe like the one of "Ghost in the Shell" which is attracting a lot of attention these days. The mini-album consists of electro-music. So you won't find any ballads or mid-tempo songs. If you are a fan of ShuU's band KEEL, this is not the music you would expect to hear. It's perfect for hanging out at night, for listening in your car or for a DJ session. It is also perfect for old girugamesh, Die Antwoord or Gorillaz fans. Since MR.8's music is not aimed for just rock music fans, but for a much bigger and general audience.

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